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The Nation's Leading Provider of On-Site Mobile Healthcare For Seniors In Long-Term Nursing Facilities

About PrimeSource

We serve seniors in long-term nursing facilities, specializing in four core geriatric services.

About PrimeSource

We serve seniors in long-term nursing facilities, specializing in four core geriatric services.

Our Mission

``Making A Positive Difference In the Lives of the People We Serve``


Our goal is to help patients maximize functional hearing and maintain independence. A licensed Audiologist will perform assessments to determine hearing quality. If a resident needs hearing aids, our Audiologists can dispense and fit them at your facility. Each hearing aid is custom made for each patient.

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PrimeSource Dentists perform examinations, prophy and perio cleanings, treatment for sores and gum lesions. We want to help patients enjoy the benefits of natural teeth by providing regular oral care. Our Dentists are able to dispense, fit and adjust dentures at your facility, or send dentures to our labs for relines or repairs.

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The PrimeSource Optometry team has extensive experience in geriatric eye care, providing the best possible vision services quickly and efficiently. Our Optometrists perform comprehensive eye exams to determine overall eye health and dispense and fit eyeglasses. If medication is needed, our Optometrists create individualized treatment plans with the facility.

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Our Podiatrists help patients maintain healthy, pain-free feet. They perform examinations, identify potential problems and treat the condition or develop treatment plans with the attending physician. Nail care is provided up to five times per year!

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TotalCare Replacement Guarantee

PrimeSource is the only provider to offer the TotalCare Replacement Guarantee, providing hassle-free replacements of hearing aids, dentures, and eyeglasses for patients who qualify.

How do patients qualify?

  • The patient consents to all four PrimeSource services
  • The patient has been seen by all four TotalCare Services

Save $10,000/year or more
In addition to less headache for staff, residents and families, the TotalCare Replacement Guarantee saves facilities an average of over $10,000 per year!

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SeniorSure Insurance Plans

SeniorSure Insurance Plans cover care for seniors in long-term care nursing facilities including regular, proactive care to prevent avoidable declines in health.

Plans are available to cover:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • TotalCare Plus (Dental, Vision, & Hearing)

Coverage is available with no additional out-of-pocket cost for those who qualify.

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Leading Edge Technology

Link Source Manager - PrimeSource's own, in-house developed, EMR Software


LinkSource Manager capitalizes on technology at the point of care by eliminating paper entirely. Our providers have access to patient records instantly on their tablets and can more efficiently document and review patient information and outcomes.

Seamlessly Integrated

All patient encounters are captured electronically and synced to the PrimeSource database for easy access for all of our providers across all service types.


Instant Reporting

LinkSource Manager keeps our patients and clients ``In the Loop``. It has the ability to run up to date reports on status of deliveries, patient consent and many others. The best part is that these reports can be run by almost any PrimeSource associate armed with a tablet.


Since HIPAA compliance is a top priority at PrimeSource, all patient data is stored on PrimeSource owned servers and all data transfers are done via a secure connection.

PrimeSource By the Numbers

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My loved one still lives at home. Can PrimeSource visit them at their residence to deliver care?

Primesource specializes in providing care to longterm geriatric facilities. Care is delivered onsite by PrimeSource physicians. PrimeSource contracts with nursing homes and does not see individual patients outside of the home.

Is there any cost to the facility for using PrimeSource services?

Cost should not determine quality of care. We have eliminated upfront fees that are generally charged by other service providers.

Is financing available for hearing aids, dentures, or eyeglasses?

The Survivor Benefits program offers patients and families 0% financing and monthly payment plans for hearing aids and dentures.

How long does it take to get a hearing aid, denture/s, or eyeglasses, once they have been recommended?

We make our own prosthetics, including: Eyeglasses, Dentures and Hearing Aids.

Having our in house labs means we can offer custom prosthetics with superior quality and delivery time. Typically dentures and hearing are delivered with one month from date of recommendation. Eyeglasses usually ship from our labs within 3 business days and are delivered in less than one week from date of recommendation.

*Some qualifications and restrictions apply. Deliveries may vary based on a variety of factors.

How are PrimeSource services typically paid for?

PrimeSource works with a number of payer sources, but primarily we deal with Medicare, Medicaid and SeniorSure Insurance plans. Private pay is also an option.

What happens if a denture, hearing aid, or eyeglasses gets lost or broken?

The TotalCare Guarantee means patients who qualify are guaranteed hassle-free replacements for any eyeglasses, hearing aids, or dentures that are lost or broken beyond repair, saving facilities an average of over $10,000 a year!

There are two ways to qualify; patients must consent to all four PrimeSource services or purchase the “TotalCare Plus” SeniorSure insurance plan.

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